Master Painter – Derek C Wicks – 2007 & 2008

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Workshops with Derek C Wicks

Sometimes the road less travelled leads you to a new adventure. This was certainly true for me in 2007. There was construction on the main road that I had grown accustomed to while travelling to-and-from work. The construction crew rerouted traffic, and I found myself passing a small strip of local businesses. One happened to be an art supply store! Without hesitation, I drove up and discovered a little gem of a store called Paint for Joy, in St. Albert, AB.

Carol happily showed me around the store. While perusing the aisles something caught me eye. There it was… an advertisement for a workshop with Master Painter Derek C Wicks! I shook my head in disbelief. The class was to commence on that very weekend. So, I registered for my second Master Painter workshop.

As I had only recently learned about acrylics, I had not invested in proper quality material. It quickly became apparent that to produce art of relative quality, it is important to have quality materials. Derek guided the class in a friendly and fun method. Juggling his mixing palettes, all the while stacking and re-stacking them as he broke down his painting tips (you’d have to attend a class to fully understand what I’m trying to describe). His class left me with lessons to put into my artist tool box. Patience with oneself, preparation, and good references/supplies are vital. He also lent ideas on how to properly utilize/store acrylic paint. Since I showed up with poor quality paint, frustration led me to purchasing a few better materials. This finally led to a successful painting, and indeed painting with joy!

The workshop had a field trip too! It was so exciting to tour the Edmonton Zoo. Here the lessons of learning about the subject really took hold. Did I mention I love tigers?! I fondly remember drawing Boris, a Siberian tiger up-close and personal. I was encouraged to explore with a new medium of paints and have grown to love using them. Thanks Derek!

Please click on the tabs for each Master Painter Workshop to read about my experiences with them.


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