Master Painter Robert Bateman – 2004 – 2006 – 2008 – 2009 – 2010 – 2011

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Workshops with Robert Bateman

They say legends are born storytellers. By far, I believe Robert Bateman is a brilliant storyteller. My first introduction to Mr. Bateman’s art was in art college. The images he paints are timeless. He captures the essence of the subject and environment with meticulous detail. The paintings look effortless, and I aspire to one day reach the level of art he creates.

In 2004, my family and I moved to St. Albert, Alberta. There, I discovered an art gallery in the small local mall. The walls were full of giclée’s and prints by various wildlife artists. I had the opportunity to meet Robert Bateman at this gallery during an event. My dream of more than 20 years to meet a creative mentor had come true! I was so fortunate, to work alongside him during that evening. In a blink of an eye, I was engaged in insightful conversation on various topics spanning art, techniques, people and places. In his genuine and calm personality, he offered advice on painting techniques, using his work as teaching aids. I had mentioned to him that I moved several times, and that challenged my dream to continue painting. I had made a vow before meeting Bob, that I would sell my paint supplies and stop trying to paint. At the time I hadn’t taken any workshops or met artist friends at the guild who would support me. He encouraged me that it is never too late. Somehow the conversation turned into a friendly exchange on wisdom and on life. He told me he would be returning to the gallery, and in the meantime, to keep painting.

The two-year mark flew by. I participated in my first workshop and a group guild shows. My confidence was building. I was not aware that I was preparing to participate in a Master Painter workshop with Bob! I felt and still feel truly blessed for the opportunities I had to meet with him, and other semi and professional artists at the workshops. I soaked in every moment of the workshops. I woke up extra early, walked the forest trails and enjoyed the sights and sounds around me.

Robert Bateman is the ultimate teacher. With ease and clarity, he entrusted his students with methods and technical approaches to painting. His live demonstrations and slide presentations filled the room with awe and inspiration. His ability is truly legendary and motivating.

Every piece of encouragement and conversation I have had with Bob inspires me to push my creative skills further. One of my favourite quotes by Robert Bateman is, “if you think it, it will come.” It is applicable to anything and everything in life. I cannot create a painting until I have a clear vision or feeling that I want to express. I strive to keep a sense of truth in my art – the “verisimilitude or the ring of truth” that Bob encourages his students to seek from Nature.

There are not enough words to describe my gratitude and respect for all the encouragement afforded to me from Robert “Bob” Bateman. Thank- you sincerely for encouraging me not to give up on my creativity.

Please click on the tabs for each Master Painter Workshop to read about my experiences with them.

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