Master Painters – John & Suzie Seerey- Lester – 2007 – 2014

© Maria Buehl All Rights Reserved

Workshops with John & Suzie Seerey-Lester

In 2007, I received an invitation to another workshop at the same location as my first Master Painter workshop (John Banovich). This time the instructors were John and Suzie Seerey-Lester.

Eagerly, I registered in the course. After gaining a spot, I had to consider the logistics of getting there. There was that thing called ‘life’ again. How would I get there? How could I get time off from work? Looking back, I am grateful for the support from my family, bosses and co-workers, who graciously helped me get to the workshop.

With an overflowing suitcase of art supplies, I was ready to go! Upon arrival, I met up with familiar workshop friends and a few more talented artists. As I’m self-taught in my mediums, I was nervous. But the butterflies in my stomach fueled my excitement! Being petite in height, I even managed to get the best seat in the crowd (under the very table that John’s paints and supplies were stacked). I sat inches away from the canvas and his palette. The room was bursting with creativity.

John paints effortlessly. The brush rhythmically dances in his hand. It was truly amazing to watch up close. I was fascinated by his subtle twists of the brush. I’m not sure John would explain his techniques the way that I am describing them…but art is interpretive. Observation is a very important skill to develop. It is what I love most when observing an artist at work.

Suzie’s demonstration was filled with insights on framing and how to care for your painting after completion. I highly recommend her book My Painting Is Done, Now What do I do? to artists of all levels.

I was thrilled to once again participate in a live online workshop in 2014. At the time, I was living in Yellowknife, NT, Canada and the cost of leaving the north was not in my favor. So being able to participate via online with my computer and small space on the kitchen table was ideal. Once again, I received remarkable instruction from John and Suzie. Although I have attended many workshops, there is always a new tip to put in my artist tool box. Thank you, John and Suzie. I appreciate all the tools you have graciously shared with me.

Please click on the tabs for each Master Painter Workshop to read about my experiences with them.

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